Doctors Must Educate Themselves on Transgender Health Care

Doctors Must Educate Themselves on Transgender Health Care:

“Currently, doctors and health care staff lack the required education and training to give sensitive care to transgender patients. The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (EM) has found that the vast majority of EM residency programs lack transgender-focused curricula, either in the form of lectures or didactic curriculum. Transgender individuals face worse health outcomes than their non-LGBT counterparts. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reports that transgender people have higher rates of HIV/STDs, victimization, and poor mental health. They are also less likely to have adequate health insurance.”

(Via. huffingtonpost)

4 thoughts on “Doctors Must Educate Themselves on Transgender Health Care

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    Yes, I have seen much, experienced much, and I feel among the more fortunate who has survived these past four decades since this old timer completed her transition.

    Care could have been better. Most of my medical professionals leave much to be desired; they leave me wondering how my care would have differed without my issues among my profile.

    Frustration makes me wonder who is the experienced medical provider and who is the patient (or student).

    I understood and accepted the situation during my early years (1970s and 1980s). A ‘Susan’s Place’ article from March 2015 noted that there were barely 1000 transsexuals (domestic USA) by the end of the 1970s.

    According to a string of primary care providers, endocrinologists, and gynecologists these past 15 years – new physicians coming from the latest classes of med school – they each informed me that I am their first inter-sex / transsexual patient.

    My current primary care physician told me that I am her seventh patient over-all. Trial by fire for her.

    Let’s hope for better from med schools.


  2. And not just in the USA – doctors all over the world need to become more aware and sympathetic to transgender health issues. The poor mental health and higher rates of HIV/STDs is symptomatic of the general ostracisation of transgender people, their lack of work opportunities and hence their often last resort to trading sex for the funds they need to live.

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      Roxie, Kira:

      Yes – exactly! I am quite certain the need is dire world-wide according to what others post from other nations and from what I read on non-USA sites and posts.

      I can write of my experiences only from that of the domestic American medical community which has quite a long way to go but at least seems among the better opportunities (unless this year’s politics change).


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