Fully Myself

When this week began I had no idea as what I might be writing  following the last day of the work week. Would it be triumph or tragedy? 

Well, I think it has been neither which is the best possible outcome.

As I posted on Monday I had reached a point where I had to be myself at work, so the previous Thursday I spoke to my supervisors and received their full support. I decided to wait until the beginning of the new week. It seemed to make the most sense, a new week – a new beginning.

Sunday night came and though I was nervous, no one caused a scene. I’m sure there were some raised eyebrows but I didn’t notice. I had walked into that building for the first time in nearly twenty years a free woman.


11 thoughts on “Fully Myself

  1. It is great that you made it through the week without incident. Next week will be easier, and it will seem natural to everyone soon enough. Congratulations.

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