Why We Used Trans* and Why We Don’t Anymore – Trans Student Educational Resources

Just wondering what other’s think of this.


Why We Used Trans* and Why We Don’t Anymore – Trans Student Educational Resources:

“Summary: There is nothing inherently problematic with the asterisk but it’s often applied in inaccessible, binarist, and transmisogynist ways. It is unnecessary and should not be used. Claiming the asterisk itself is fundamentally oppressive denies accountability and ignores the culture of binarism and transmisogyny that affects the community. People also often misattribute its history to cisgender and binarist people.”


2 thoughts on “Why We Used Trans* and Why We Don’t Anymore – Trans Student Educational Resources

  1. I stopped using the asterisk nearly a year ago. I think Trans by it self is largely considered as an umbrella term for all people whose gender doesn’t align with the gender they were assigned at birth.

  2. *
    My 40-some years of stealth existence until last year put me out of the loop of evolving and present terminology.

    I accepted the term ‘transsexual’ in my past time and consent to it currently because that describes me more so than the vague ‘transgender’ nomenclature – I changed my sex (loosely speaking), not my gender. It is also why I have no opposition to the term ‘sex change’; again, I changed my sex, not gender, and this term is most plain and obvious. I have always been female identitied, it was my inter-sexed anatomy that brought my life through its journey of female-to-male-to-female.

    My friend Maddy and I had many recent debates about ‘transsexual’ versus ‘transgender’. She considers the former to be a slur and prefers the latter when applied to her and during conversation in her presence. So be it, I gladly use it in her presence, company, and reference as she prefers.

    Difficult for me are people who present as fluid, accept both male and female appellation, yet get angry if someone misses a beat in the conversation and uses one term while that fluid person is now at the other term. Likewise my frustrations and my million pardons; I’m trying to work with you, we are on the same side, so please don’t take it out on me, eh.

    Allow me to pass one of my life’s lessons – patience, age, and time will mellow out your sharp edges. You’ll eventually comprehend who are your true friends and will accept their mis-steps (eh, Jamie?) as opposed to those who mean you harm no matter that they may use all the terminology exactly as you insist, for it is their hostile attitude that gives them away.

    Thank you and Sahwdee Kah to our friends who have made it through the roads that lead through Thailand.

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