Six Moms Who Welcomed Their Transgender Children With Open Arms | Human Rights Campaign

Six Moms Who Welcomed Their Transgender Children With Open Arms | Human Rights Campaign:

“For Mother’s Day this year, HRC is honoring mothers across the nation who are standing up for transgender equality.

This particular group of mothers has become outspoken advocates for transgender equality. Whether on Capitol Hill, the Nightly News or at the White House, these moms have become exceptional role models for parents everywhere.”



6 thoughts on “Six Moms Who Welcomed Their Transgender Children With Open Arms | Human Rights Campaign

  1. What beautiful kind sweet wonderful Mom’s/ladies these 6 are. What a darling you are for sharing their story with your reader.

  2. To welcome something even without a cite[s] is very wrong and is without any integrity at all.
    The six mothers in this article are accepting plus promoting something that is and has been prove as a lie, for there are cite[s] that can prove this to be a fact.
    Now it is real bad parenting to even teach a child such a thing called a lie like transgender. no cite[s] means it is just hearsay and hearsay has no truth or a cite[s] to even backup what is being said.
    I myself would need to see any cite[s] that a person is even born in the wrong body. This is why I am asking anyone to even come up with a cite[s]. Even with those that would like and agree with the author of this article to even produce just one cite[s]. In truth I asked this before and the answer has been it is only hearsay.
    Now would be the time to prove everything that is claimed with those so important cite[s]

    1. I am going to allow your comment because I believe more than a few of people who read this blog can speak for themselves and their children better than I.

      1. Thank You,
        Yes I am one that would need to see a cite[s], and that is why I feel a blog should have. Here is a fact I wrote two books that deal with these things and yes I use cite[s] to prove what I was saying. Note the two books are thesis whereby they are an open debate.
        Thank you for your reply and yes I welcome any reply, because I can use any cite[s] that has been given to me in a reply for my third book, and note only a cite would be used only for I will not use any hearsay at all.
        Again thank you

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