Affirming Identity

Affirming Identity |

“It was a weird week. On one hand, I’m coming off a lovely friendcation in the Catskills which afforded me some time to recharge, reminded me how loving and supportive so many of my friends are, and put me on track to accomplish some good work for the next few days. On the other, the United States is still dragging on trans rights like Messala at the end of chariot race in Ben-Hur—except we’re the ones who end up dead.”


2 thoughts on “Affirming Identity

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    Maybe it is time we rise from the dead and take Ben Hur (or at least his currently-living political allies) for a scare of his lifetime.

    While my worst fears consider a Trump election as a shoe-in because his team control enough Electoral College states, some ‘red’ states such as Arizona seem to show Clinton with more than a statistical lead in polling surveys.

    Every American must vote – hopefully the majority will vote for Clinton as the only one who can defeat Trump and reverse this nasty Republican course.

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