Transsexual study reveals genetic link › News in Science (ABC Science)

Transsexual study reveals genetic link › News in Science (ABC Science):

“The discovery of a genetic variation in male to female transsexuals adds weight to the view that transsexualism has a biological basis, the Australian researchers behind the find say.

Their study shows male to female transsexuals are more likely than non-transsexual males to have a longer version of a receptor gene for the sex hormone androgen or testosterone.

The findings from the largest-yet genetic study of male to female transsexualism are published online today in Biological Psychiatry.”

One thought on “Transsexual study reveals genetic link › News in Science (ABC Science)

  1. *
    Great article.

    Mental scientists have gone through many thoughts, some were disasters.

    None of this is new.

    My transition was during the 1970s. I had to fight with ‘gatekeeper’ counsellors back then about the legitimacy of my circumstance as was identified in this article.

    – Some counsellors insisted that I must conform to that family failure model.

    – Others insisted that they would only work with homosexual males; those counsellors’ school of thought concluded that effeminate homosexual males were transsexual.

    – One of my counsellors during the 1990s insisted that I could not possibly be Lesbian – that I was supposed to have the operation to have male partners, not female partners.

    These issues were what drove my own personal endeavour to seek a physician who would determine whether I am inter-sex; my doctor reported to me that I am female by way of inter-sex, yet I still faced a counsellor there at the hospital who insisted that I should not transition to female.

    Yep, anatomy and physiology is an easier determinant that the vague effort of psychotherapy that is continually searching for a new definition.

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