No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay or Transgender, Johns Hopkins Researchers Say

As been the ongoing pattern of antiLGBT groups and individuals, another “study” has been released purporting to cast doubt onto the validity of homosexual and transgender identities. Not surprisingly this information falls well within the arguments put forth by “christian” religious freedom supporters who continue to be hell bent on refusing anyone they do not agree with any form of equal rights within society. 

Interestingly, the study’s preface offered this little tidbit;

It arose from a request from Paul R. McHugh, M.D., the former chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and one of the leading psychiatrists in the world. Dr. McHugh requested that I review a monograph he and colleagues had drafted on subjects related to sexual orientation and identity; my original assignment was to guarantee the accuracy of statistical inferences and to review additional sources.”

So make of that what you will.


(I am including the link below for those who might be interested)

The New Atlantis



7 thoughts on “No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay or Transgender, Johns Hopkins Researchers Say

    1. They come from people who claim to be Christians. Unfortunately, a person can claim to be anything, it is their words and actions that say otherwise.

      1. One treats people with compassion and respect, the other is a self righteous, self centered, asshole. Think Jimmy Carter as the former and Ted Cruz as the latter.

  1. *

    Good for you!

    Unfortunately, that other side of the conversation uses multiple ‘sources’ to over-count their results.

    I saw another reference from a ‘source’ hiding as ‘CNS News’. As in ‘Christian’. They can have their bigoted concept of Christian.


  2. People filled with hate and opinions can make up anything. You can’t believe what they and really, it doesn’t matter anyway. They could come up with research that “proves” anyone under five fee two inches is a pigeon but that doesn’t make it true. Who cares what bad people say.

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