My, my my…

It seems things can turn ugly very quickly once you make the decision to be completely, unapologetically, honest with yourself. 

**  **  **  **

I shouldn’t be surprised. When you keep prodding at a rotten tooth the odds are pretty good your not going to like the results. Then again, once the problem has been brought into the open the healing can begin.

I’m sure much of what is now going through my mind has its roots sunk deeply into the past… His past as much as mine. (One would think they are both one and the same, yet I cannot say this is a truth.) Looking back on it now I see so much which was beyond my control. I can also see as much, if not more, which was.

It was, and still is, so easy to step back, to hide in the shadows and pass judgment while never risking myself, never taking responsibility. So much easier to play the victim. She did this, he did that, they are the ones at fault… never me.


I was just as guilty as they.


2 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. very true about things getting ugly when we are honest with ourselves but when we forgive ourselves when can move forward.. Learning from our mistakes and errors and making ourselves stronger.
    Kira , you have gone through a lot you been down but never out.. Find the good in the things you do , do them better and be the best Kira you can be. Hugs

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