Transgender Awareness

Saw this on FB and wanted to share.



10 thoughts on “Transgender Awareness

  1. I wanted to say the same thing I said in response to Wendell’s recent post, but thought, well you can’t repeat yourself, and then I saw his comment to you. Synchronicity.
    What I said to Wendell was, “Amen.”
    I say “Amen” to you.
    We humans in a historical and contemporaneous species analysis, are cruel. Our behavior and impact on this planet and the living things on it is cruel. Spreading the message about human cruelty, about the need for care, compassion and respect, is a divine calling, which you are following, and this is why I say to you, Amen.
    You have my respect, my compassion, and my support. You keep on speaking for those who prefer to die than live in a world of human cruelty.

  2. The plight of trans people is very very hard. We who understand it are aware of that. Other are not aware and are probably scared and lash out at the Queer.
    But not everyone on this planet is am arsewipe.
    Let’s stay positive. Let’s explain to those we meet the dignity of ALL. Let’s be accepting of other people of difference whether we understand them or not.
    And for those who believe there is a God let’s see that God is Queer and that everyone’s queerness is just that reflection of God.
    Everything is OK.
    Support the Queer and don’t hate the haters.

  3. *

    Thank you and ‘kapung khaf’.

    The saying tells us: ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’.

    Your picture is worth far more than that proverbial thousand – it represents everyone within the community whether trans or not – including our supporters who likewise face the same dangers.

    Too bad another TDOR is coming soon. Life would be great if that day was never necessary; maybe one day in the future it will fall into the past rather than remain a yearly reminder of the ever-increasing body count.

    If I may, personally I hit at least eight of those points.

    1. I think I would like a TDoR where we remembered all of people who made positive contributions to equality and freedom for all of those who are oppressed.

  4. When I was young, I thought the negatively perceived issues of Transgender would be a thing of the past. I also thought pot would be totally legal, that all people would make the same pay for the same job, that we would all have the right to die and no one would consider the color of a persons skin or their religion…or non-religion.
    What about love and peace? Well, John Lennon had to die for proposing this idea.
    So much more to rant to with…. but I stop now.
    Have a great week, and tonight, I hope America elects someone who is decent.

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