A sad day for America

I was wrong to think someone who had worked so hard to alienate so many stood little chance of being elected President of the United States.

I guess I really was a fool to believe we were better than this.


7 thoughts on “A sad day for America

  1. Sad day for America. I cried during HRC concession, so much was lost. Once we all get over our mourning period – Immigrants, LGBTQ, minorities, women, etc., we all have to stick together. When the new administration tries to suppress our rights. We have to protest and fight back. Easier said than done. A few liberals I knew that had off today had to stay home. I’m grateful I live in NYC and last night I realized how sheltered the city has kept me from all the bigotry,etc. I’ve grown up along side minorities, working class, LGBTQ, poor, immigrants, etc. I can’t picture a world without them. We’ll have it one day just later rather than sooner. Everyone be careful out there – the world just got more open with it’s racism, ignorance and hate. I really feel for everyone living in the red areas. Hang in there, it’s going to be a long four years.

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