Draft – Work in Progress

How do you explain an emotion which engulfs your soul… a musical note which hangs in the air just beyond hearing… the uncertainty waiting at the end of a drawn out breath…

Can you describe a drink of water to the thirsty… or a morsel of food to the starved… what of freedom to someone who has lived their whole life chained in a cage…

I am only a collection of shadows… voices heard but not understood… thoughts and dreams already forgotten…

and I am broken… damaged beyond repair, understanding… finally… I can never be whole.


3 thoughts on “Draft – Work in Progress

  1. i don’t think you are broken. And btw what is whole and normal ?
    we all have problems or imperfections. and we all have things that make us who we are things that we are good at. Its doing those things better and working on them that make us feel good. but dwelling on problems or imperfections doesn’t help us move forward. So take a good look in the mirror and see the beautiful thoughtful Kira that you are. I love your thoughtful writings. You are beautiful. Give yourself a hug and know that hug is coming from me cuz i would love to give you one many times a day.

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