Selfishness and Cruelty

There are times when I am selfish and cruel. When I think of no one other than myself. Times when I wish for an unearthly silence. For a place where thought and emotion have no meaning.

I have stood at the edge of the Abyss and longed for its embrace. To open my arms and step into the Void.

This is something I cannot fully put into words, even when I have had words to speak. It transcends thought and emotion, this longing for peace…

There are too many times when I feel as though I have no place in this world. I fit neither here nor there. I am something else, something which can never find a home in this place.

Time and again I catch myself seeking to walk softer, to make no noise, to leave no trace of my passage. Not wanting to be seen or noticed. Unlike so many others, I wish to pass into oblivion not with a roar…

But a whisper.


4 thoughts on “Selfishness and Cruelty

  1. very deep but very true i think we all have times of self fullness thinking only of ourself. but your words here make me think and reflect. i am glad you whisper when you do. i seem to scream in my head and no one hears or sees the tears. thanks for your writings hugs

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