Choice (Words to Myself)

Sometimes you have to make a choice which will change the course of your life. It may be something you do because you want to, other times it is because you have to. It may be difficult, even terrifying. Sometimes you will know it is the best thing, the only thing, you could have done while others will find you doubting, wondering if you have made a terrible mistake, disappointing those who depend on you, who trusted you. You will rise and fall, stumbling unexpectedly, hopefully to catch yourself and move forward.

Nothing is certain, yet you must trust yourself. Trust your heart. Follow the path which opens before you, one step at a time. Hesitating will take you nowhere except into the same dark and destructive place you have walked too many times before.

There is a reason you are here, now, in this place, facing this fork in your life. You may not know now what it is or why, yet there is no option besides forward, (no matter what the whispering voice may tell you.) Never forget, you are not alone. No matter the reason, there are those who you have brought along on this journey and their opinions, hopes, and dreams are as valid, important, and precious as your own.

Hold your head up high and look to the future. There is nothing for you in the rear view mirror.

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