What is with cats and Beats headphones?

Woke up to find my cat had chewed through my new Beats headphones cable… again.

I admit is my fault for forgetting to put them away before I fell asleep last night. Until this one slip I had made sure they were placed in the carry pouch and safely store in a drawer but I forgot they were still plugged into the computer when I went to bed. Woke up at 5AM to find he had gotten up on the desk and completely chewed through them.

This isn’t the first time either… in fact, it is the THIRD time in about a year.

The first time I thought the cord had been damaged, I thought it was an accident and that they had been pinched between the char and the desk. The second I could clearly see teeth marks so I knew exactly what had happened and so, when I found another pair on sale, (after months of refusing to even think go buying any more), I swore I would be sure to keep them put up so it wouldn’t happen again. Now I am sitting here sick to my stomach because I screwed up after less than a week and this is more money wasted.

As much as I like these headphones, I simply cannot contemplate every buying another pair. I will have to find another solution that won’t include kitty teeth.

On a side note, I also have Apple earbuds I use, the ones which came with my phone. I have left them out for days at a time and the stupid fur ball hasn’t looked at them twice.

So what is it about the Beats earbud cord he finds so irresistible?


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