A Long Time In Coming

Life has a way of catching your attention when you have become too distracted by things which, when you think about it, aren’t as important as you had convinced yourself they were. 

Until today I knew my oldest had issues he was struggling with, some he had shared, and as I have now found out, many more he had not. We had a long talk, or I should say, I let him talk. About any and every thing he felt comforting sharing. After everything was said and done I made sure he knew he had A’s and my full support. He has always had it, it has it now and he will have it in the future. That we are his parents and we love him no matter what.


4 thoughts on “A Long Time In Coming

  1. Knowing your parent’s have your back is so important.
    And as someone once said to me “Remember the first 50 year’s of parenthood are the hardest”

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