PrEP Studies To Focus on Trans Bodies |

PrEP Studies To Focus on Trans Bodies |

“The use of  PrEP is growing but how well it protects is still being observed, especially in transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. The simple fact that  transgender people have been excluded from past testing makes collecting important data extremely difficult. Only recently, have studies started changing how trans people, especially trans women are viewed and identified. In the past, transgender women were once placed in the MSM category (men that have sex with men) which didn’t settle well with them. Due to this, many were left untreated and refused to be a part of research because of how they were classified. However, studies and categories are changing and now transgender people and the use of PrEP is being recognized more often. How and if hormones affect the drug is the primary focus and placing trans people within their own category is important because of the percentage of people on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).”

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