I Wish This Was From the Onion, But It Isn’t

Caitlyn Jenner Considering a Run for U.S. Senate, Wants to Promote LGBT Issues:

“Caitlyn Jenner has announced she is seriously thinking of running for a seat in the United States Senate from California on a Republican ticket, and wants to put LGBT issues on the agenda.”

(Via. Newsweek)


2 thoughts on “I Wish This Was From the Onion, But It Isn’t

  1. *

    Jenner made a two-day appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ with that announcement.

    I regret watching that show those two days expecting anything different. All I can say is that those were two hours wasted that I’ll never get back.

    Yet Jenner still insists that she speaks for and represents our community. Not mine, anyway.

    There are many web-sites documenting that many people who transition late in life – such as Jenner – persist with their attitude of male privilege.

    1. Personally, I see it as her wealth privilege as much as anything. She thinks she can say and do anything because no one around her has had the good sense to tell her “no.”

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