No Place To Run

This has been a long road… One which stretches from this moment back to some of my earliest memories. It traverses a life full of doubts and fears, of questions and answers I have tried desperately to forget. A lifetime of running from the truth.

Now I have reached the point where there no place to run. I am standing at the threshold between who I was and who I might become and I won’t lie to you, I have never been so scared.

6 thoughts on “No Place To Run

  1. *

    Please do not be scared. You are about to enter the best time of your life.

    Hey, your own tag line says it well: ‘Ever moving forward’.

    Many of us have crossed our own threshold and came out fine on the other side. Take our collective hand and join us as we celebrate your own success.

    As the saying goes: ‘Come on in, the water’s fine!’


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