Self Inflicted 

I’m sure I could burn a lot of words here, goodness knows enough have tumbled through my mind.

I’ve reached the point where I am tired of the self inflicted wounds. All I want is to move forward and let the chips fall where they will. 

5 thoughts on “Self Inflicted 

  1. Hey Kira,
    Unhuh, yupyup!, affirmatively, abbalootly!!
    Forgive me the phonetic spellin’ errors. I’m tired
    When I should be retired
    Drove Burbank, CA to Navasota, TX, these 2 daze past. Waiting now to reload for Salt Lake, UT
    But yeah, when we decide to live true to our innermostself, and NOT to please the OTHERS.
    Is WHEN peace shall come to our soul and hearts, and the mind will calm
    Take care,

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