Transgender Agendas, Social Contagion, Peer Pressure, and Prevalence

Transgender Agendas, Social Contagion, Peer Pressure, and Prevalence:

“There has been a rash of anti-transgender articles published in the UK press over the last couple of weeks (I have no desire to link to them, but you can read rebuttals here and here and here). They warn readers about ‘transgender zealots’ pushing ‘transgender agendas’ designed to coerce young children into becoming transgender, and they are full of fear-mongering over ‘children sacrificed to appease trans lobby,’ and claims that ‘transgenderism has become ‘an industry’.’ These pieces, written from a politically conservative and blatantly trans-antagonistic standpoint, share something in common with their supposedly ‘trans-friendly’ counterparts: You know, the articles that start out by acknowledging that transgender people exist and should not face persecution, but then pivot (under the guise of scientific and/or journalistic objectivity) to the possibility that some (perhaps many?!) children who socially transition may not be ‘really transgender.’ These latter pieces will likely cite statistics about desistance, point to instances of people detransitioning, and/or raise the possibility that the apparent increase in transgender children may be due to ‘peer pressure’ or ‘social contagion.’”


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