Looking Forward

So, these last two days have been a wash. Fortunately I’m feeling better but it took most of the day and way too much sleep to have my energy back . It will take me the rest of the week just to catch up with the housework. On the bright side I am in a better place mentally than I have been for a long time. Of course I know there are going to be good days and bad but that’s life, (shrug). No matter how others see me I still have many issues to deal with, challenges to overcome, and new things to learn. Living as my authentic self isn’t going to make my depression and anxiety disappear, though I hope this will provide me with one less thing to use against myself. My past is still there with its scars and I will still need to overcome the lessons I learned from them.

Transitioning isn’t a magic pill. It won’t fix everything, but it does give me the ability to look forward and for me that is precious.


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