Dance With the Devil

I’m going to share this before I checked out and delete it… A picture a la natural as it were. 

Kira Naked

This is what I see every day in the mirror, in reflections… how I know the world has seen me for far too long. I decided to take and share this as a reference point as I move forward. Hopefully there will come a day when the proper hormones will course through my body and this image will be nothing more than distant memory.

BTW, my hair is pulled back into a pony tale, today was wet and windy so it was a bit of a mess.

10 thoughts on “Dance With the Devil

  1. I see a rather androgynous face, that, to me, leans female, but also has a few male type features. That’s not uncommon in older women. Go to the mall, sit down, and just watch women go by. Sit and watch. Not very many women are “pretty” or “beautiful” by society’s messed up standards, but they are human beings, with hearts and emotions too.

    I am pretty sure that if you were ever able to manage FFS, your face would come out quite attractive and leaning hard feminine as well.

    Looking at you makes me wonder if you might be XXY. Not that I am capable of such a diagnosis, but I’ve noticed a similar pattern to the face in a few other trans women I’ve met over the years.

  2. *
    You will do what is best for you. As with our process, you will make some irrevocable decisions. Be certain with this the same as any other decision.

    Allow me to share my thoughts with you, that I cherish all my ‘before’ pictures – even the worst of the worst that I have fun showing to others and posting to my cyber sites.

    Many of my pictures are gone at the deed of criminals who burglarised my home. Their absence at another one’s actions make their loss more extreme than if I chose to eliminate them.

    All my pictures represent my journey. Each one documents my progress at each step along my path.

    Sometimes I look at those ‘before’ pictures and see me, other times I look at them and see another person. Any way I look at them, I recall emotions that I enjoy re-living. The loss of one picture puts a hole in my heart.

    It’s among my life’s yin and yang.


    1. I’m sorry for your loss and the violation you suffered, I too had things taken from me, many I held dear and I know how much it hurts even now.

  3. There is more to a woman than her beauty but Kira, you are not starting from a low base by any means. I agree with Cara. I see a quite androgenous face.
    And lovely to be able to put a face to your posts.

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