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Trump State Department Just Made an Ominous Passport Change for Transgender Americans

Trump State Department Just Made an Ominous Passport Change for Transgender Americans:

Overnight, close observers spotted what many feared was coming: The Trump administration gave the first sign it’s eyeing up a big step backward in U.S. ‘sex designation’ policy.


39 thoughts on “Trump State Department Just Made an Ominous Passport Change for Transgender Americans

    • They want to, only the courts have stopped them. Also, they are delaying accepting openly trans people joining. So I’m wondering just what was “ignorant “ about that observation?

      • Ok I’m not sure who “they” is, but the reason that people who are transgender can’t be in the military is the same reason I myself and MANY, many people can’t be in it;
        Because being diagnosed with having a mental disorder or disease (such as gender dysphoria) is an automatic disqualification for entry.

        This policy has been in effect for many many years in the US, and many Americans (including myself) agree with it.

      • “They” are republicans/conservatives in general and the Trump administration specifically.

        Being a Transgender person is no more of a “mental disorder or disease” than being gay or left handed. Of corse if you disagree with this fact then there really isn’t anything more to be said.

      • Transgenderism (gender dysphoria) is most certainly a mental disorder. (How on earth anyone could deny this is beyond me. It is literally disordered thinking.)

        This has nothing to do with the character or personality or intelligence or humanity of transgender individuals, much like asserting that autsim is a disorder is not an attack on autistic people.

        Saying transgenderism is a disorder is NOT the same as saying transgenderism is bad or unacceptable in society. It is simply stating a fact.

      • Nope.
        I’m well aware that men feeling compelled to remove their penises and women feeling compelled to remove their breasts are most certainly, without a doubt, mentally disordered.

      • Qualified doctors hand out hard drugs to children and anyone who will pay them for it and still tell people dairy is a health food.

        What a doctor knows (or thinks they know) is a direct result of their education (a system which is heavily government influenced and has been extremely liberalized in this country)

      • To expand further, the piece alleges that “rights” of the trans community are being infringed upon, when technically joining the military is not a given right for anyone.

      • I absolutely believe Transgender people should have the right to serve their country through military service just like any other able bodied citizen. Denying them this opportunity for no other reason than disagreeing with who they are is disrespectful at best and hateful at worst.

      • No one has “the right to serve”, because that is not an inherent American or human right.

        To be considered for military employment people must meet a rigorous set of guidelines, and (an important) one of those guidelines is ZERO mental diagnoses.

        It does not matter that people feel “disrespected” or “hated” as a result of being denied an employment opportunity in a specific field, because policy is not about feelings.

        Americans do not want people with gender dysphoria – or any mental disorder – being trained with military weapons and being put in critical situations.
        The lives of citizens are at risk when it comes to who gets hired into the military, and rules are there for a reason.

        This policy is not an attack on the rights of people who have mental disorders, it is an industry precaution standard, and has been since LONG before the Trump administration.

      • Should I mention the Obama administration approved open service for Trans individuals? Do you remember in the not so distant past homosexual/lesbian citizens were also considered mentally disordered and denied military service? I seem to remember those rules were changed without diminishing military readiness.

      • And that’s fine but it has nothing to do with the policy at hand.

        There exists no “right” to serve in a military, for anyone.
        And just being trans does not grant people special rights and privileges.

      • No it doesn’t, but it also doesn’t give anyone or any government the right to refuse to allow someone the same rights and opportunities any other citizen has.

      • I didn’t say just rights, I also said opportunities. And BTW, I know from personal experience there are a great many people in the military who shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns.

      • But an employment opportunity depends on meeting requirements.

        Does a requirement for a degree mean that everyone without a degree is being discriminated? What about a requirement to pass a drug test, does that discriminate against drug users?

        This is a circus

      • Ok, but what happens when one day you meet the requirements and the next they are changed specifically to disqualify you? That’s whats happening here.

      • Why do you keep lumping in homosexuality with transgenderism ?
        Do you have no comprehension of the biological and neurological differences between those two separate things?

      • Why? because until recently everything which is being said about Transgender people is EXACTLY the same things which were said about homosexuals. So much so I am sure all of these so called “christian” groups and think takes simply recycled all their old material by simply changing out one word.

      • Umm, that is what you just said… and I quote Why are they different? Are you serious ?”
        What did that mean if not they are both mental illnesses?

      • No, I was stating there was no difference, the same arguments used to disqualify someone for being homosexual are exactly the same being used now against Transgender people and they are just as wrong now as they were than.

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