Game On! Esports and #MeToo

Game On! Esports and #MeToo

Before she got fucked over by GamerGate, before she declared that “men are scum,” before she became an esports superstar, before her high school’s sexting scandal, before the incessant bullying, Jane was a relatively normal child. But her voice was abnormal, and over time, that made her abnormal. All the kids at her day care made fun of it, except one. His name was Matt. He was cool. But he suddenly disappeared after a few years, which sucked. He had been her best friend, her only friend, really. He had been like family, since there was an absence of one at home. Jane’s parents were once photographed in the front seats of their car, passed out from drugs. There was no denying her connection to the incident because there she was in the backseat, the face unmistakably hers.