Unprecedented South Dakota Bill Aims to Erase LGBTQ People From Public Life Entirely

HB 1215 would outlaw marriage equality and permanently legalize gay conversion therapy, among other anti-LGBTQ measures.

On Thursday, Republican state Rep. Tony Randolph introduced a bill that would outlaw marriage equality, permanently legalize conversion therapy, ban changes to legal gender markers, and block the passage of LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections.

House Bill 1215 is the third in a trio of anti-LGBTQ bills brought to the state’s legislature this month. On Wednesday, the House passed a bill that would criminalize trans-affirming medical care for minors. The other, Senate Bill 88, would require mental health providers to out kids expressing gender dysphoria to their parents. Anti-LGBTQ lawmakers and organizers use the state as a test case for the nation, experts say.

Kara Ingelhart, a staff attorney at Lambda Legal, characterizes HB 1215 in particular as one of the most comprehensive bills to date targeting LGBTQ people.

10 thoughts on “Unprecedented South Dakota Bill Aims to Erase LGBTQ People From Public Life Entirely

  1. Sadly my southern neighbours, well my southern neighbours neighbour (North Dakota is my neighbour), are individually such nice and friendly people on the whole. I never feel out of place when I’m in the Dakota’s, or Montana. And then they go and do something like this.
    If there is one truth about people it’s that individuals tend to be fine but the larger the group the worse they tend to be. But I can assure you as someone who lives just north of them individually they tend to be nice people.

  2. Well, let’s also give MOST of the blame for this bullshit rhetoric being brought to our doors and that group is the WOMEN’s LIBERATION FOUNDATION!
    Whom are maybe mostly lesbian in that group and are ANTI-Trans anything!
    Remember when suicide rates dropped tremendously during the Obama administration, well, suicide rates – are up again, lesbians and queer are being viscously attacked more frequently in public!
    So much damn ridiculousness going on in the world now. So kudos to you THE RADICAL RIGHT LESBIANS, who are giving the 1 up against us by helping the uneducated good ole boys!

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