Being trans is no excuse for homophobic behavior.

Trans Instagrammer leads campaign to hunt down & out gay men. There has already been one suicide.

A transgender Instagram influencer outed gay men in Morocco, making them targets for discrimination, family alienation, and violence. One of the men she outed just died by suicide.

But she’s unapologetic. “I feel bad for those f****ts but I don’t care,” she said.

7 thoughts on “Being trans is no excuse for homophobic behavior.

  1. Reblogged this on My Crazy life and the pity that follows! and commented:
    This is awful, why would you do that? Why would anyone who has a human soul commit such a horrific crime? In my opinion this “Trans” has become a criminal of the Darkest sort, in my view he has caused this person who took their own life, that life is on them now! Their accountable.

  2. What a truly horrid person. Does she not realise the harms she’s doing for the LGBTQ community? All those things that even gay people use to attack trans-people. They will definitely centre their trans-people have mental health issues, around her. Like LGB-alliance.

  3. This horrified me that someone who “outted” a gay individual, in a Muslim country. Why, why? This instigrammer has become a murderer and has made things harder for our community. Its hard enough as it is.😢 I am sickened by this.

  4. Whenever something like this happens I try to take it a bit personal and try and make up for the bad karma a small portion of our community does. I have been helped by gay people all my life.

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