U.S. Education Department Sides With Alliance Defending Freedom

US: Transgender sports inclusion violates others’ rights

A letter from the department’s civil rights office, a copy of which was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, came in response to a complaint filed last year by several cisgender female track athletes who argued that two transgender female runners had an unfair physical advantage.

The office said in the 45-page letter that it may seek to withhold federal funding over the policy, which allows athletes to participate under the gender with which they identify. The policy is a violation of Title IX, the federal civil rights law that guarantees equal education opportunities for women, including in athletics, the office said.

I Need All the Laughs I Can Get…

45 Of The Freshest Jokes About The Pandemic To Make You Laugh

The coronavirus pandemic is still working its way around the world but loads of countries are loosening lockdown regulations, so we’re stuck in a weird and confusing situation (we blame 2020). In times like these, a dose of good humor is great for recharging your batteries—laughter helps us see the positives in tough situations like the one we’re in now.

New study probes the genetic roots of transgender identity

New research suggests the expression of some sex hormone genes can influence a person’s sense of gender identity

A new study led by researchers from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Australia has identified 12 significant genetic differences between transgender women and non-transgender males. It is hypothesized that these genes, known to be involved in sex hormone signaling, possibly contribute to a person’s ultimate sense of gender identity.

The study analyzed the DNA of 380 transgender woman, compared to a control of 344 non-transgender males. The results identified twelve functional genetic variants in transgender women correlating with genes involved in regulating the sex hormones estrogen and androgen.

“This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive study examining changes in genes that control sex hormone signaling in transgender women,” says lead author on the study, Vincent Harley. “It identifies several new genes or genetic variations never before looked at in gender dysphoria.”

Former TERFs and SWERFs are Fleeing The “Cult” Movements Known For Being Terrible and Wrong

Former TERFs and SWERFs are Fleeing The “Cult” Movements Known For Being Terrible and Wrong

When I saw Amy Dyess’ avatar pop up as the accompanying image to a link shared on our office Slack channel, I steadied myself for whatever insidiously trans misogynistic post had recently attracted our writers’ attention. The story I clicked on, however, was not the story I expected.

The Autogynephilia Theory Debunked by New German Study


The autogynephilia theory of Ray Blanchard has been part of the transgender discussion since the late 1980s. It is currently being used by anti-transgender activists in order to undermine the legitimacy of transgender identities. A new German study proves – again – that the theory has no foundation in reality.