Trans women do not owe you a beauty standard

Obviously, it goes without saying that being femme is a valid identity, and there is every empowerment in expressing one’s identity as one wishes. However, when every trans woman is portrayed as femme and glamourous, even if that beauty is stripped back from them in the case of Sophia in Orange is the New Black, it creates the expectation that all trans women must adhere to the notion that to be a woman is to be femme. Yes, there are plenty of trans women who eschew notions of impossibly high beauty standards, but their representation in the media are few and far between.

6 thoughts on “Trans women do not owe you a beauty standard

  1. I know you don’t need my agreement, but that sure is a terrific article!
    I know how being pressured to look and dress more femme feels being cis and how selfish of me not to think how much more complicated and stressful that would be for trans people.
    The whole article made me feel better.

  2. Most transpeople don’t have the money or help to become more “feminine” either. Not as much as your Laverne Cox’s or the stars from Pose may have. They are absolutely gorgeous, but just like ciswomen actors and models, they also have help to look that glamorous!

  3. Well, if it helps, I’ve never thought of a trans woman as anything but who they are as a person. Just like me, I identify with being feminine, was tomboy who then grew up a bit on the elegant side, but I still have that tomboy thing. But I have girlfriends that identify opposite and that doesn’t change them being women. I think a transgender is just a person who follows what they feel inside. And if the public is stereotyping I doubt it’s how people like me feel. At least I hope. How odd to think transgenders all identify with the same things! That be like all men identifying with Tom Cruise! He’s great, but who wants a whole world of one thing! We need a mix! Efrona

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