Death of a Friend, Lawyer, and Advocate Marcia L Alvey

Death of a Friend

The big names in our community garner a lot of press when they die, for example, the recent deaths of Jan Morris and Monica Roberts. But the death of the lesser-knowns in our community fade away without a word.

The following piece written by Paula Gaikowski, is a eulogy for one of those lesser knowns – Marcia Alvey.

What Is Androgyny?

Androgyny: Meaning, History, Stigma

Androgyny is a type of gender presentation that mixes masculinity and femininity. The word itself combines the two concepts and means that someone has both masculine and feminine characteristics.

Andro- is a latin prefix referring to maleness or men, while -gyn is a root that can be used as either a suffix of prefix meaning woman. A person who practices androgyny is an androgyne. The adjective for androgyny is androgynous.

Trump Judges Strike Down Bans On LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’

Trump Judges Strike Down Bans On LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’:

A federal appeals court struck down Friday local ordinances prohibiting licensed therapists from engaging in “conversion therapy” practices that aim to change a minor’s sexual orientation or gender identity—despite widespread consensus among experts that such therapy is harmful—arguing that banning the controversial practice is a violation of the therapists’ First Amendment rights.