I’ve started switching my workflow from mac to windows. I know this probably isn’t of interest to most, but it marks a serious and time consuming change for me and how I prepare posts for publishing here. Before this I used MarsEdit as my desktop editor, unfortunately it isn’t available for Windows and after a fruitless search, I’m forced to admit I’ll have to be creative in using other software such as Scrivener and WordPress’s online editor to make up the loss. It isn’t as efficient or elegant, but it should work well enough to meet my basic needs.

This would be time consuming enough on its own but I’m also moving all of my other computer based activities to Windows as well which has meant acquiring all of the apps and settings or a usable equivalent to match what I spent the better part of seven years getting just right on my old system.

Really, I’m not complaining, it’s just time a little frustrating to have to change platforms like this, but at least I have options, which is better than the alternative.


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