One thought on “Feminist icon Judith Butler on JK Rowling, trans rights, feminism and intersectionality – YouTube

  1. Wow. That was great…although I disagree with her about Andrea Dworkin, in some spots. I’ve read everything she’s written and she was brilliant. Her books are still spot on, WOMEN HAING, RIGHT WING WOMEN, she was an amazing writer. She and McKinnon were saying that pornography is responsible for the violence and rape against women. When I lectured on that I used to ask the men in the audience if they would rather have the boy, who picked up their daughter for a date, just read pornography or Newsweek. That shut them up immediately. They were not attacking sexuality they were attacking violence against women and children. There is proof that pornography leads to violence against women. Snuff films, all the hateful things that are done to women because of men. The ACUL is against murder, but Snuff Films were protected as Free Speech, after the woman was killed. I could go on but I think she’s wrong about Dworkin and what she was saying.

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