Browser Issues

Don’t know why but it seems WordPress has issues with the Opera browser. I made sure I’m up to date and until yesterday it was working properly. I’ve downloaded Brave which seems to be working but I’m not going to celebrate just yet.

Has anyone else had issues with a particular browser and if so, which one(s)?

7 thoughts on “Browser Issues

  1. 🤔 Both Brave and Opera are Chromium-based web browsers. Therefore, if you are viewing WordPress quite well with Brave, the experience should be the same with Opera.

    I highly recommend that you go into the settings of Opera and clear the cache.

  2. I count myself lucky for being one of the boring ones, using only Safari or Chrome. I can imagine things would be harder with Opera, since it’s not exactly one of the standard ones. Hope your issues are all resolved!

    1. I’ve used Safari off and on over the years and Chrome as well and both had things I liked, I just like to change things up to keep my experiences fresh and up to date. Sadly, liked Opera as well but if it can’t do what I need anymore then it’s time to move on.

    1. It’s one which is free of any Google or Microsoft code. It has worked well for me for years but now? I need something which works when I need it to and if it cannot access a page or service I use, then I’ll find something which does.

      1. I actually realised last night that I have Bing, but not anything that could help you still =/ I only realised because now I can only use my WordPress on it. It’s not working for me on Google chrome anymore, it’s odd.

      2. I don’t understand it either, one day it’s fine and the next nothing but Brave works and it’s based on Chromium as well.

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