Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Evaluation of Anxiety and Depression in a Community Sample of Transgender Youth

Most studies have found that youth who do not conform to gender norms for their assigned sex have higher rates of depression and anxiety than their cisgender peers.1,2 However, more recent research featuring smaller cohorts (ie, ranging from 31 to 73 participants) of socially transitioned transgender youth—youth who identify and live as a gender different from their sex assignment at birth—show normative or only slightly elevated rates of depression and anxiety.3-5 We recruited a new, larger sample of socially transitioned transgender youth, their siblings, and age- and gender-matched control participants to test whether transgender youth experience significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression than their cisgender peers.

The Heroines of My Life: Interview with Bree Fram

The Heroines of My Life

Today I have invited an inspirational woman. Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram is the President of SPARTA, an organization that advocates and educates about transgender military service and is dedicated to the support and professional development of over 1200 transgender service members. She is currently the highest-ranking out transgender officer in the Department of Defense.
In addition, Bree is an active duty astronautical engineer in the US Air Force. Her writing has been featured in the Washington Post, Military Times, Inkstick, and LGBTQ Nation. She is the co-author of the forthcoming book With Honor and Integrity: Transgender Military Personnel in Their Own Words due out in November 2021.

The Heroines of My Life: Interview with Aliyah Tam Casari

The Heroines of My Life

Monika: Today we are going to the sunny state of California where my guest is living. I would like to introduce to you Aliyah Tam Casari, a U.S. Air Force veteran and air traffic control instructor that shares her story on social media. Aliyah and I are going to talk about being trans and the challenges related to her fascinating journey towards womanhood.

Found on Etsy: Little Book of Trans Affirmation Zine By Mick Moran

Little Book of Trans Affirmation Zine

This zine is a bite sized way of sharing some of my values and love from one trans genderqueer person to everyone else under the trans umbrella. This zine reminds you things like “There are infinite ways to express your gender,” and “You do not owe anyone passing. It’s also ok if you want to pass!” There’s some interactive space as well, like room for you to write and draw your own additions.