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#DropKiwifarms works to end the relationship between far-right hate forum Kiwi Farms and the digital service providers that keep Kiwi Farms active online. We started this campaign after members on the website published private information on Clara Sorrenti, including sexually explicit photos and videos, phone numbers, addresses, her deadname and the private information of her friends and family. Publishing that information led to threats on her life, both implicit and explicit, as well as attempts to end her life through false reports to the police about imminent violence — a practice that has ended the lives of other people. Since then, Sorrenti has been the subject to further harassment, including the addresses of the places she’s taken shelter at as well as infiltration of digital accounts used to expose further information, including financial information. To read more about Kiwi Farms, click here.

Romance author Nora Roberts helps save MI library defunded over LGBTQ books

Romance author Nora Roberts helps save MI library defunded over LGBTQ books

Renowned romance novelist Nora Roberts donated $50,000 to a Michigan library
The Patmos Library in Jamestown Township had been defunded in a spat over LGBTQ books
Over 4,000 donors from across the country helped keep the library open

You learn something every day

Transmedicalism is the belief that all transgender people experience some level of gender dysphoria,[1] a medical term for feeling psychological distress based on having an assigned sex at birth that does not match one’s gender identity;[2] therefore, people who do not experience gender dysphoria are not transgender. People with a strong belief in this position are generally called transmedicalists, shortened to “transmeds”, or derogatorily referred to as “truscum”. Some transmedicalists believe that transgender people must additionally want and choose to alleviate gender dysphoria by pursuing a medical transition using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and/or Gender Confirmation Surgery.[note 1][1]

Those who do not believe that the medical condition of gender dysphoria is necessary to be transgender are called “anti-transmeds”, or “tucutes”. Many anti-transmeds embrace new identity terms that are not widely accepted among transmeds, including microlabelsxenogendersneopronouns, and other recently coined terms. Although there are extremists on both sides, many transmeds and anti-transmeds would agree that gender “incongruence”—that is, a “disconnect between a person’s gender identity and their body, which may or may not result in dysphoria”—is a defining characteristic of being transgender.[1]


Had my second appointment with the neurologist today. I also had a nerve test yesterday. That and a number of other small things have turned what might have been a decent week into a total sh*t show.

I know, the above doesn’t explain anything so I will try to clarify.

First of all, much of what has been getting under my skin has been entirely my own fault. I made a decision I thought I could live with but as time goes on it is turning out I was completely wrong, (as usual).

So much has built up over the years, now I’m sitting here trying to write everything which is boiling in my brain and trying not to explode only because I know it won’t change anything.

I kept so much locked away, convinced my thoughts, hopes, and dreams were just that, pointless fantasies like all the other weird stuff which floated through what passed for space filler in my head. Oh yes, there were times, bright sparks of “what if” which flared up from time to time and I wondered if any of it could ever become reality and then I would convince myself once again of just how foolish I was being and it would slip away with time, just another dream to be dreamed and forgotten.

And it worked.

Then it didn’t and my life imploded.

What happened between then and now has found its way here in one form or another. If you’re interested in the entire sordid tale you can go to the archives, I simply don’t have the energy or will to go over it again. What’s important is what has happened this year which is something I haven’t really shared because those of you who have followed me for any amount of time have seen it time and again over the years and truthfully I figured you’re as bored with it as I am.

Simply put, I decided to end trying to transition, at least as far as the real world was concerned, only maintaining my true identity online. Things were becoming too painful otherwise and other than an occasional knife twist here and there I felt I was doing pretty well.

Then I found out about the medical issues which slammed the door on any possibility of ever medically transitioning regardless of what I might have decided. I mentioned in passing my realization that being able to make a decision, (even a bad one), was a lifetime away from having any choice ripped away without warning.

I think you can understand how this has changed things in ways I never could have anticipated and certainly never wanted. In the weeks which have followed every instance of once again being seen and referred to as my old identity has been an ever increasing series of wounds which are becoming more difficult to deal with. The last two days have been the worst as I was repeatedly reminded of that old name and the pronouns which go with it, often more than once in a single sentence and there wasn’t anything I could say in response considering how I was presenting myself. As I said, this was something I had done to myself and I couldn’t fault the people involved. What else could I have expected all things considered?

Now I could spend entirely too much time explaining why I originally made the decisions I did and some of you might see things the way I have, but there would be others who would be offended, even angry, with my reasoning and I can’t say would blame them. It’s for this reason I haven’t so much as tried to express my feelings anywhere outside of my own head… (because I’m more of a coward than I like to admit).

The thing is, even though I still think said reasons are sound, they are quickly losing out to the constant strain and I’m uncertain as to how I should proceed, if at all.