I would have liked to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween but my thoughts were derailed after getting the mail. It seems we have a local group I was unaware of which has decided to rear it’s ugly head just in time for the mid terms.

There was a “news” paper style mailer which tries to copy the look of our county news paper but is nothing more a giant political ad attacking Democrats and liberals with inflammatory and misleading “headlines” in what they claim is a “special sex education edition”,

I’m not going to reprint any of garbage they call “news” other than to point out all of the “stories” are resourced from other right wing, evangelical outlets none of which are local from what I can tell. Following is a list of “headlines” which is more than they deserve.

“No more boys and girls? Pritzker family leads push to replace “myth” of biology”

“Naperville 3rd grade teacher instructs boys how to act like girls”

Besides the attacks on Transgender and sex education related issues, they are also going all out on a bill known as the SAFE-T act which is going into effect in January.

All on the front page.

There is more stomach churning information in this eight page document, but I’m sure you get the point.

And yes, I know full well sharing this makes my location easy to find, but you know what, I quit worrying about that a long time ago.

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