Beguiling images from a little-known French painter – The Boston Globe


Beguiling images from a little-known French painter – The Boston Globe:

“FORT WORTH, Texas — When, in 2011, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston decided to sell one of its paintings by Claude Monet, two by Alfred Sisley, one by Paul Gauguin, one by Camille Pissarro, and one by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, all to buy a single painting, ‘Man at His Bath,’ by Gustave Caillebotte, many people asked a forgivable question: Who is Gustave Caillebotte?”

Caffeine By Kira A. Moore

One thing I am thankful for is, as this year has progressed, I am regaining my artistic inclinations. Admittedly, it was a motivational speech which which gave me a new way to view the art I create, and in doing so opened new channels to explore. Another thing which has changed is I am now teaching my middle son about art and the creation process which in turn is teaching me things as well. I think it has been said in teaching someone, the teacher learns as much as the student.

Here is the latest piece I have finished, titled “Caffeine”. It is coffee and graphite on backing board.



I did a wash using old coffee, let it dry, then did a second wash. I followed this with an scrub of used coffee grounds. Last I drew the image using graphite pencil. There are some blemishes in the drawing which I decided to leave as they are. I could have made every line and curve perfect, but I think the imperfections add a character to the piece it would have otherwise lacked.