These Photos Plunge You Into the Inner Madness of Guantánamo – Mother Jones

These Photos Plunge You Into the Inner Madness of Guantánamo – Mother Jones:

“Debi Cornwall’s Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay (Radius Books) is an exhaustively researched, exceptionally photographed documentation of one the most heavily guarded prisons in the world. The way in which photographs, interviews, and government documents intersect and overlap in a multifaceted layout makes the physical book itself becomes important to the narrative. As Cornwall says, the fold-over pages and other layout elements invite the reader to either ‘take what is given or choose to dig a little deeper.’  It’s rare to find a photobook in which the book doesn’t just act as an outlet, but actually amplifies the power of the work within.”

Free Ebooks

For those who love to read, the ebook evolution has been a blessing and a curse. You have access to thousands of books in every category and you can download them to an E-reader, phone, tablet, or computer and take an entire library with you where ever you go. My Nook can hold about 1500 books, magazines, and newspapers. More than I’ll need for an entire year. If I use my computer, the possibilities are mind boggling.

The problem? The expense of course. Even if every book you wanted was only $.99, your still looking at $1,500 or more and of course, many of the titles you might want to read cost considerably more.

The answer? 

Well, it mostly depends on you, your taste in reading material, and your willingness to take a chance on an unknown author.

If your adventurous and willing to put your time on the table, your options grow exponentially. 

I know I, while enjoying books by know authors, also enjoy finding those hidden gems which can be found in the self published section of sites offering free downloads.

Here is a selection of sites which offer free ebooks.


I haven’t looked through the entire site, but they have an interesting collection. My main complaint is with the “free” download speed which is ridiculously slow for relatively small files. The other is with the restriction of one file every two hours. Thankfully there are other sites you can check out while waiting for the time to pass.

Free Ebooks

This is the site I began with over a year ago and I have been generally happy with the books available. (Please note, this is just my opinion and not an endorsement of any kind).

You are required to register, but it’s free of cost, so it’s more of an inconvenience than anything.

Besides free ebooks, you can also download free magazines or submit your own ebook.


Though the updates to this site seem sporadic at best, (the latest update was 2014/01/03), there are some interesting titles available.


This is a place with a ton of information, links, and of course, free ebooks. My first impression was of being a bit overwhelmed, but taking a little time to look around and things begin to make sense. I haven’t taken the time to really dig into this site, there was simply too much I wanted to look into but didn’t have the time to do it justice.

Freebook Sifter

An interesting site listing hundreds of free ebooks listed on You need either a Kindle or Amazon online library to read them.


There are many more I found through Google, I just haven’t had time to look any further today. If you have a favorite site, author, or book which provide free downloads, please feel free to share.

The Gender Book

An interesting project which I hadn’t heard about. A big shout out to T for finding this, I really appreciate it!

The Gender Book  Cover



the GENDER book is a fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender – a gender 101 for anyone and everyone. 

For more information:

Ned Vizzini dies at 32: Fans mourn ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ writer

A sad story which is repeated all too often…

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The New York-based author of “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” a semi-autobiographical story about a teen’s battle with severe depression, committed suicide on Thursday, the city’s medical examiner’s office confirmed to His injuries were consistent with someone who had fallen to his death.

Read the rest on

Broken – The SemiOfficial Book Soundtrack



I am sharing what I feel would be the soundtrack I want for people to listen to when reading my story… it would also work if someone wanted to make it into a movie 😉


Line – Rachael Yamagata

Deliver Me – Sarah Brightman

Laura (Oh Girl) – Phox

Praelusio – Harrison Mead (NoiseTrade)

What Happens Now – Lex Land

The Storm – Dharmakasa (Amazon)

Wound Down – Elu


I know there are only seven songs, but together they capture the mood I want to set for this story.

Best-selling author Tom Clancy has died at age 66

Tom clancy 640x360




 I have had the pleasure of reading the works of many wonderful writers over the years and Mr. Clancy’s novels were something I always looked forward to. They were guaranteed to be must reads on my annual reading list and I made a point of looking for his work whenever I was in a store with even a small selection of books.

Many stories have been written giving the details of his career, the best selling books, movie adaptations, and video games. They speak of his education and about where he lived and I suppose all of these things are important to his readers, though I’m sure most have read the bio on his books or looked them up on Wikipedia. What they didn’t mention was the way he was able to weave a story, filled with believable and often unforgettable characters, together with muscle tensing excitement to create a world which could draw you in effortlessly and leave you sad to walk away from. This, to me, is what sets great storytellers apart from good ones and Mr. Clancy was one of the best. 

American Bar Association Releases Comprehensive Guide for Transgender Law

American Bar Association Releases Comprehensive Guide for Transgender Law 

From The



The American Bar Association has released a 313-page guide to help both transgender people and lawyers navigate the U.S. legal system.

It was written by transgender lawyer Ally Windsor Howell and addresses the legal issues and obstacles faced by transgender people. The book titles Transgender Persons and the Law, tackles issues such as housing, health care, employment, and military service.

By citing specific laws and court cases, it aims to provide both lawyers and transgender people with the information and tools required to navigate these fields.

The treatise, priced at $129.95, is available on ABA’s website. Those seeking information on transgender rights may also consult Lambda Legal’s free online resource, “Know Your Rights.”