Clementine Ford: ‘Men keep murdering women and people keep acting shocked’

Clementine Ford: ‘Men keep murdering women and people keep acting shocked’

Hannah Clarke was the loving mother of three beautiful children. Their names were Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey. They were 6, 4 and 3. A photograph made public this week shows the four of them smiling while splashing in the shallows at the beach. 

This Missouri City Banishes Domestic Violence Survivors for Calling the Police | American Civil Liberties Union

This Missouri City Banishes Domestic Violence Survivors for Calling the Police | American Civil Liberties Union:

“In 2012, the city of Maplewood, Missouri ordered Rosetta Watson to vacate her home. But the city wasn’t done punishing Watson yet and also barred her from living anywhere in the city for six months. Her offense? She called the police four times seeking protection from her abusive ex-boyfriend.”

NRA Panics As Supreme Court Hands Down Historic Gun Ruling

NRA Panics As Supreme Court Hands Down Historic Gun Ruling:

“The Supreme Court, freed from the chauvinistic conservatism of Justice Scalia, has issued a string of incredibly important rulings that protect the rights and well-being of American women while dealing a resounding blow to the pernicious agendas of two of America’s most destructive lobbies. Following on the heels of this morning’s striking down of a draconian anti-abortion law is a ruling which upheld a law that would deny convicted ‘reckless’ domestic abusers their right to bear arms.”

(Via. Occupy Democrats)

“Acceptance” a Short film on Transgender Discrimination & Hate Crimes

**Trigger Warning**

(Violence, Bullying, Discrimination)


What is depicted in the film is fairly benign, yet I know even small things can be a trigger.


It’s Past Time For Sensible, Intelligent Gun Control

If you listen to the Right Wing, Conservative, Pry the Gun From My Cold Fingers, segment of the political scene, odds are you think everything is fine and dandy in the Land of the Free and Armed. Maybe you think gun control is anti-American or unconstitutional and if you think these things, such is your right.

That does not however make you ‘Right’. 

I have never had an issue with people owning weapons who have a legitimate and legal reason to do so. 

It is the other people who I take issue with. Those for whom these weapons are a means to a violent, illegal end. Those who only reason for possessing a firearm is to kill other humans. You know who these people are; they make the news with terrifying regularity. Killing sprees in churches, malls, movie theaters, and town halls. The gang bangers, the drive by shooters, the ones who kill for thrill of having the power of life and death in their hands.

I take issue with violent, mentally ill people having access to weapons of any type and yes, if you have ‘anger management issues’ I think you have a mental condition which should bar you from ever owning a gun.

If you are a gun owner then it is your responsibility and duty to your community to make them secure so criminals, children, and those I have already mentioned cannot gain access to them. If you aren’t responsible enough to do that, then you certainly are not responsible enough to own a gun in the first place.  

I’m going to give links to the stories from just this week of senseless gun violence which could have been avoided through the use of sensible, intelligent laws and the repeal of dangerous legal standards such as stand your ground and conceal/carry.


Three killed in Indiana supermarket shooting -police

A gunman opened fire inside an Indiana supermarket on Wednesday evening, killing two women – a shopper and an employee – before being shot dead in a shootout with police, authorities said.

Source: Reuters


Mason Campbell, New Mexico school shooter, chose victims at random: cops

New Mexico state police believe the preteen assailant, armed with a shotgun taken from his Roswell home, planned his attack in advance of Tuesday’s shooting at Berrendo Middle School. The suspect, identified as Mason Campbell, faces three third-degree felony charges of aggravated battery.



Police investigate 2 crashes involving gun violence

Police are investigating two separate car crashes on Saturday that both appear to be the result of the driver being shot

Source: ABC


There are many more. I did a simple Google search for “gun violence” to find these three examples.