Caffeine By Kira A. Moore

One thing I am thankful for is, as this year has progressed, I am regaining my artistic inclinations. Admittedly, it was a motivational speech which which gave me a new way to view the art I create, and in doing so opened new channels to explore. Another thing which has changed is I am now teaching my middle son about art and the creation process which in turn is teaching me things as well. I think it has been said in teaching someone, the teacher learns as much as the student.

Here is the latest piece I have finished, titled “Caffeine”. It is coffee and graphite on backing board.



I did a wash using old coffee, let it dry, then did a second wash. I followed this with an scrub of used coffee grounds. Last I drew the image using graphite pencil. There are some blemishes in the drawing which I decided to leave as they are. I could have made every line and curve perfect, but I think the imperfections add a character to the piece it would have otherwise lacked.

3D Art

I have long enjoyed the optical illusions created by 3D drawing and other pieces of paper art.  Here are a few of my favorites.


By AlessandroDD on DeviantArt

Atlas by alessandrodd d65qapd



Jumping dolphin by alessandrodd d62yxrn

Jumping Dolphin



By Ramon Bruin

3D Ship By Ramon Bruin

3D Ship


By Looha Desenhos

Looha Desenhos  Snake



There are many, many more which you can find by searching for “3D Drawings” or search by artist.

New Site…


As I just realized, I made a silly mistake back when I first created this blog.

Simply put, I misspelled the web address, using two R’s instead of two O’s in Morre… er, make that Moore.

This caused WordPress to say that my blog didn’t exist. You could get here through the error page but it was confusing, so I now made a new blog with the same name but the correct web address:

I am going to transfer all my content over to the new site, but it’s going to take a little time.

I will double post until I get everything moved and then I will take this one off line.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to tease me for this!

Thank you all,


Oops, forgot to add the link… kiramoorescloset

200+ Followers!


Today I find myself overwhelmed by the kindness of so many people  I wish we could meet one day just so I could thank each and every one of you personally for taking the time to visit my blog, to say nothing of following me. To each and every one of you, please accept my heartfelt “Thank You!”

I have said before that when I first started writing this blog I really didn’t expect anyone to notice, let alone take an interest in anything i had to say. After all, there are millions of people out there with blogs and many of them are much better writers than I will ever be. Who would notice one more, written my a girl they didn’t know, who was just looking for a place to put all her confused, mixed up and overly emotional thoughts?

That anyone has taken notice has been a pleasant surprise to say the least.

To this day I am not sure what, if anything, I have written anyone has found of interest, but regardless, I want to thank everyone who is reading this. You have given me my voice and a chance to speak and I am forever grateful.

I will continue to post, continue to work through this thing I call life and to share my thoughts, hope and fears. I will con tune to write poetry and hopefully some short stories. Maybe, just maybe, I will have some small impact on this great big world of ours.

Again, a great big Thank You! to one and all, I appreciate you taking the time to follow me and I will do my best to write something worth reading.



Something Lighter



Considering the heavy duty posts over the past 24, I thought I should look to something a bit lighter. What better I thought than music. Something I haven’t really talked about in a while.

So here I present the playlist that I often have going in the background when I’m working on poetry, or when I am trying to frustrate myself trying to get my story idea off the ground where it has been laying in a wrecked heap for more than a month…. 


I Am Not A Farmer by Bill Frisell

Honky Tonk (Pt. 1)

Honky Tonk (Pt. 2) by Bill Doggett

Walk, Don’t Run by The Ventures

Hanging On by Active Child

Take Five (Original) by Dave Brubeck

Eldorado by Ben Harper & Relentless7

Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band

Bossa Blue by Chris Standring

Gloria’s Step (Take 2)(Live) by Bill Evans Trio

Chaconne in G Major by Daniel Hope (Plus a list of other too long to mention)

Lucifer by The Alan Parsons Project

Daylight by Boyce Avenue


This is an hour of wonderful music that just floats in the background. As often as not I have it looped in continuous play.

7X7 Blog Award



I’d like to say thanks to Gray Poet×7/

Please check out his blog if you haven’t already, it’s well worth it.



Tell everyone something no one knows about you.

I use to chew ice cubes… until I chocked on one.

Link my personal posts to a variety of categories.

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Passing on the 7×7, I nominate the following even though I know some will probably not want awards.








Real Life Doesn’t Care

You know something? Real life doesn’t care about our little problems. Yes. I know, at this moment in time our problems might seem like giants trying to stomp on us but in truth there are some things much more important.

From the beginning I have said that what happens in my head is unimportant compared to my family. They come first, period. This is an example of that. Something has come up which I need to deal with and whatever I might have been thinking about is being put on the back burner.

I hope that I can be back later today with a post but that will depend on other things that I cannot control. We’ll see what happens.


Little Joys

It seems that all I have written about on this blog are the bad things in my head and while that was a big reason I started it in the first place, there is only so much I can dump on people through these pages before you get tired of reading about it. Honestly, writing nothing but the negative things really takes a toll on me. I need to focus on more positive things and write about those too. After all, isn’t life about the ups as much as it is about the downs?

Really, one would hope for many more ups than downs. That’s goal isn’t it? To have many times the good memories to share.

So now I am going to write about things that bring me some happiness. Just some of the things I enjoy to look at, to read, to listen to, to experience.

Over the last several posts I have used a lot of pictures. Many of them have been of things I like to look at, things that can bring a smile to my face just because I know they exist. That’s not to say that there isn’t some sadness attached to some of them as well, I wouldn’t have used some of them unless they did, but even in sadness I can appreciate beauty.

Venetian Masks are one of the things I love to look at. So many can take my breath away.

Venetian Mask 4

This is a perfect example. The detail work is incredible. The rich gold offset by the black holds my eye and I could study this picture for hours.

I have looked into making my own masks and I really think I may start doing so. Starting out isn’t going to be expensive since they make plastic versions of many types of masks. If I ever get good enough I can always move up to ceramic or porcelain.


Another recent love is vintage post cards.

Gallery alnavarro 72157622933686649

Seriously, what is there not to love about this image?

Vinage postcards are a wonderful reminder of what life was like not too long ago and the girls are so darn cute. I have a folder on my computer that has nothing but images like this and I use them for my screen saver.

Eap edgar allan poe 12042285 800 600

Another long time love of mine has been reading. I bought my first book using my own money when I was eleven and I never looked back.

I read a wide range of subjects, from Fantasy and Science Fiction to Biographies and Mysteries. My current favorite authors are: Patricia Cornwell, Michael Connelly, and Jim Butcher. Of the classic authors I love Edgar Allen Poe, Agatha Christie, and Mark Twain.

I am currently reading the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson.

Well that’s just a small taste of the things I enjoy, I hope this in some small way makes up for all the doom and gloom.