A day to forget

I had hoped for a quiet, productive day though I knew such was virtually impossible with all three children at home for the holiday break. First thing this morning my oldest got sick and passed out. Later he insisted on trying to eat a muffin which he promptly threw up all over the kitchen table, himself, and the floor… need I mention I am a sympathy puker?

So I had that to clean up, along with clothing, plus laundry I already had to do, plus dishes and various chores… oh, and I had a laptop to clean up and reinstall Windows, (which I am still working on).

So, over all a day I will be happy to forget!

Family Needs Over Personal WantsĀ 

The good news… I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon.

The bad news… It will be with me presenting as male. All of my documentation still has me as male and anything I will need to sign will have to be with my birth name. 

So essentially, if I get the job, I will need to start my transition over again or perhaps not at all depending on what I find out when I question their policies regarding LGBT issues.

The thing is, I will take the job if it is offered, regardless of the answers.  At this point having money coming in simply more important. As much as I would love to be able to be choosy, it just isn’t realistic.