A Striking Portrait Series With an All-Transgender Cast

A Striking Portrait Series With an All-Transgender Cast

Photographer Ethan James Green, who is known for his striking black-and-white style, shot a group of close friends for Alexander McQueen. Wearing the spring 2020 collection, the models are Green’s long-term collaborators DaraTorraine Futurum, and Marcs Goldberg. All three are transgender, and all three have made waves in the industry in their own right.

First Impressions – Underworks Padded Brief

I received my Underworks Padded Brief which I ordered directly from the manufacturer. The cost was $44.99 + S/H, the total being just under $52 with 3 day shipping.


I arrived in a soft side envelope with no indication of what was inside, if you worry about nosey neighbors. Inside it was sealed in plastic. 

The material is heavier than you might expect, but still light enough to be worn all day without issue. It certainly seems as i it should last for a long time, even with daily use.

It is high waisted and helps flatten out your tummy though not as much as a dedicated shaper will. You do have to keep an eye on this as despite what one of the reviewers claimed, it can slip and bunch if you move too much. Also, the legs are a little loose at the hem. It hasn’t caused an issue when wearing jeans, but I’m not so sure about clingy fabrics.

Maybe my thighs just aren’t big enough?

In any case, the real reason for wanting this was to help keep “things” in place and reduce bulges where there shouldn’t be any and again, wearing denim, I do see a noticeable difference.

Here’s the main thing; wearing this I felt instantly more confident in my presentation. The padding gives me the shape I have long wanted/expected and the flatter tummy is a bonus.

I can’t say this is for everyone, it really depends on what sort of look your after and how concerned you might be about unexpected bulges or movement “down there.”

I think, for me, this has been an excellent investment, though I can’t say with 100% certainly until I’ve had it for a few months. At some point, unless something goes wrong, I’ll try and write another review and let you know how it performs long term.

New Purchase

I decided I needed to get new hair, something closer to my natural color than my last purchase, which is what I am wearing in my pictures. So I went back to Vogue Wigs. I was happy with my last experience with them and felt secure in doing so again.

Cowgirl haute synthetic wig by forever young 5

(Image From VogueWigs.com)

Cowgirl Haute Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

This is what I’m getting, though the color is 


Butterscotch Creme Blonde swirled with Dark Ash Blonde.


As I found out the last time, the actual wig tends to be darker than the pictured color so I expect this one will be as well. The best part? It cost just under $50US inc. shipping and handling, plus No grey!


I should get it before the end of the month. (Fingers crossed)

In Their Eyes

Past present future sign1 300x281


It’s a strange feeling when you suddenly realize, to your children, you sound much the same as your parents and grandparents sounded to you when you were young.

I grew up with television, FM radio, and V8 engines, but I clearly remember my parents and especially my grandmother talking about how much had changed since they were kids. Of course back then it was impossible to think any of the adults in my life had ever been as young as myself, but they were. Once.

The talk of the times they sat around the radio in the evenings, just as we do the television today, except the pictures were in their heads and not on a screen. Long, lazy Summer afternoons and cold Winter nights curled up with a book because that was entertainment in those long ago days and just as I couldn’t imagine not having a television, todays children cannot imagine life without computers and cellphones.

They could never understand getting out of the house to just get away. No phone calls, no constant stream of information. Just time alone with your thoughts or maybe to spend time with friends walking, riding bikes, or when you were old enough, going for a drive in your friends beat up Pinto Wagon, Gremlin, or Pacer… you know because it was the only thing they could afford which was a sight better than you. 

Those were the days of hanging out listening to the new record someone’s parents got them for passing a test, or birthday, or maybe Christmas. Of weekends at the Roller Rink and cruising Main Street on a Friday night.

It was catching a matinee movie or family night at the Drive In. It was when going to a fast food joint was a treat and you went to the library to get books, records, and magazines because you spent your allowance on candy the day you were handed the money and your best friend in the whole world refused to let you borrow that copy of Teen you were dying to read.

It was a world of three channels and that other one which always showed the Lawrence Welk Show.A world of transistor radios which turned into Boom Boxes. Of 8 Tracks becoming Cassette Tapes and the slow death of vinyl. Though there was still time to find some wonderful cover art before it was too late.

It was also a time of awful fashion statements, though we didn’t see it then. Neon tops and stone washed jeans. Headbands and Leg Warmers. Leopard prints and zebra stripes. Studded bracelets, belts, and Michael Jackson look alike pleather jackets. It was Rock’n Roll and Breakdancing. 

It was the age of the “Brat Pack”; The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It was Back in Black and Electric Avenue. Pat Benatar and Bruce Springsteen.

It was the best time of our lives… only because we aren’t living them anymore, except in our memories.

One day our children will look back with fondness to these childhood years and find in themselves an echo of us.

Reclaiming The Past




How many times have you looked into the past, remembering one thing after another and in the end you feel depressed? All those things gone forever from your life, all the regrets. I know I have been there, done that, could write a book on beating myself up over things. Well, enough of it I say! Today I want to dredge the depths of my memories and remember things which can still bring a smile to my face. 

So what sort of things? I’m glad you asked!

How about Saturday morning cartoons? How about your favorite television shows or music from back in the day? Maybe your most beloved clothing item or fashion statement.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and there were a lot of fun things to remember. I also heard recently the 80s are making a comeback, not sure what it means just yet, but I can’t wait to see what kids today find interesting from the era of hair bands, leggings, and parachute pants.

It’s time for me to begin reclaiming those years. To rebuild my memories, not forgetting anything, but to put life back into perspective. Not every moment is one of pain and not every memory is linked to sadness, so why dwell on those things? Why not bring back those little things which bring a little happiness back into a cloudy day?