Caffeine By Kira A. Moore

One thing I am thankful for is, as this year has progressed, I am regaining my artistic inclinations. Admittedly, it was a motivational speech which which gave me a new way to view the art I create, and in doing so opened new channels to explore. Another thing which has changed is I am now teaching my middle son about art and the creation process which in turn is teaching me things as well. I think it has been said in teaching someone, the teacher learns as much as the student.

Here is the latest piece I have finished, titled “Caffeine”. It is coffee and graphite on backing board.



I did a wash using old coffee, let it dry, then did a second wash. I followed this with an scrub of used coffee grounds. Last I drew the image using graphite pencil. There are some blemishes in the drawing which I decided to leave as they are. I could have made every line and curve perfect, but I think the imperfections add a character to the piece it would have otherwise lacked.

3D Art

I have long enjoyed the optical illusions created by 3D drawing and other pieces of paper art.  Here are a few of my favorites.


By AlessandroDD on DeviantArt

Atlas by alessandrodd d65qapd



Jumping dolphin by alessandrodd d62yxrn

Jumping Dolphin



By Ramon Bruin

3D Ship By Ramon Bruin

3D Ship


By Looha Desenhos

Looha Desenhos  Snake



There are many, many more which you can find by searching for “3D Drawings” or search by artist.

The Surreal Photography of Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian  Untitled

Untitled (Modular) Jim Kazanjian


Jim Kazanjian received his MFA from the Art Center College of Design in ’92. His BFA was completed at the Kansas City Art Institute in ’90. He has worked professionally as a commercial CGI artist for the past 18 years in television and game production. Various clients he has collaborated with include: Nike, Adidas, NBC, CBS, HBO, NASA, HP, Intel and others. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


Jim Kazanjian Triangulation

 untitled (chateau), 2011

Jim Kazanjian’s fantastic landscapes are similarly wild and gloomy affairs, and much like À rebours (which Kazanjian cites as an influential text), Aberrations upends our conventions of naturalism. Drawing further literary influence from the macabre atmospherics of “weird fiction” authors H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, Kazanjian crafts a bleak pictorial universe of smoldering dead suns, crumbling labyrinths, and claustrophobic spatial impossibilities.



 untitled (structure), 2007

Kazanjian evokes a more chilling scenario of architectural terror in his geometric studies of  rain-beaten corridors and clammy dead ends. Superficially recalling the brisk angularity of De Stijl abstraction or the tangled secrets of Victorian gardens, “Untitled (Module)” and “Untitled (Maze)” envision sealed networks of concrete passages, designed to secure their (possibly extinct) populations in nightmarish states of inescapable futility.

Ana Salvador: Lovely Art Dolls



I happened upon this wonderful artist while doing research for a short story I was writing. 

I was first introduced to her work through Feather Of Me. Please visit to see why these dolls are so captivating. 

You can find her work Here

This is wonderful work and she deserves all the recognition we can pass along.