Transgender woman awaits Supreme Court ruling in hospice

Transgender woman awaits Supreme Court ruling in hospice

GARDEN CITY, Mich — A Detroit-area woman at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case about transgender rights is in hospice care while awaiting a decision.

Aimee Stephens has kidney disease and was in a wheelchair when the court heard arguments in October, The Detroit News reported Monday.

Some people are just sick


Indonesian YouTuber Ferdian Paleka and two of his cohorts now face up to 12 years in prison for a video prank in which they gave boxes filled with “noodles” to a group of transgender women in the city of Bandung. The boxes were actually filled with rotten vegetables and bits of stone and concrete.

Being trans is no excuse for homophobic behavior.

Trans Instagrammer leads campaign to hunt down & out gay men. There has already been one suicide.

A transgender Instagram influencer outed gay men in Morocco, making them targets for discrimination, family alienation, and violence. One of the men she outed just died by suicide.

But she’s unapologetic. “I feel bad for those f****ts but I don’t care,” she said.

Are There Limits to the Rights Revolution?

President Trump is trying to use his administration’s assault on transgender rights to put Democrats in a bind.

The issues of political strategy raised by the transgender rights movement have split liberals into two camps, one urging caution against moving too far in front of public opinion, the other calling for all out support of transgender men and women.

How to be an ally for transgender rights

How to be an ally for transgender rights

he last day of March is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrated each year to honor transgender people around the world and the courage it takes to live authentically and openly. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the severe, ongoing discrimination and violence that transgender people often face every day.

Lorena Borjas, Mother of Queens’ Trans Latinx Community, Has Died Due to Coronavirus

Lorena Borjas, Mother of Queens’ Trans Latinx Community, Has Died Due to Coronavirus

Lorena Borjas — a human trafficking survivor and lifelong defender of immigrants, sex workers, and trans folks — died this morning from complications due to COVID-19, according to tweets by Bianey Garcia, Borjas’s chosen daughter. She was 60 years old.

Trans Rights Weekly No. 2 (Alaska, Illinois, North Carolina)

Trans Rights Weekly No. 2 (Alaska, Illinois, North Carolina)

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