A Towing We Will Go

Thankfully we have good family who are letting use a car until we can replace ours, which Was brought home on a flat bed this morning. Seems something broke in the top end, either a valve spring or connecting rod. Regardless, it sounds like pieces are loose in valve cover or dropped down into a cylinder. Needless to say the engine is shot and we sure don’t have the money to pour into a car which isn’t worth all that much. So the hunt for another beater with a heater begins.

A day to forget

I had hoped for a quiet, productive day though I knew such was virtually impossible with all three children at home for the holiday break. First thing this morning my oldest got sick and passed out. Later he insisted on trying to eat a muffin which he promptly threw up all over the kitchen table, himself, and the floor… need I mention I am a sympathy puker?

So I had that to clean up, along with clothing, plus laundry I already had to do, plus dishes and various chores… oh, and I had a laptop to clean up and reinstall Windows, (which I am still working on).

So, over all a day I will be happy to forget!