I Need A Hobby…



I decided to have some fun and come up with some different, maybe thought provoking, titles for playlists in iTunes. I’m not sure just why I go on the little naming binges where I can create a handful of titles which might very well be deleted next week, but I do and I have fun with it… sort of like naming your Pet Rock… you know, the one which never comes when you call it….

So, here are some of the names I’ve come up with, if you have any, feel free to share. 🙂

1) Angel Of Darkness

2) Angel of the Morning and Other Forgotten Things

3) Dead Girl Diaries

4) Life Behind Glass

5) Lost Dandelions


Lily & Madeline – In The Middle – The Weight of the Globe EP

From their NoiseTrade page;

Earlier this year, a neighbor posted a video of Midwestern sisters Lily & Madeleine singing on reddit.com. The video went viral, and independent record label Asthmatic Kitty Records (owned by Sufjan Stevens) signed the girls and released their EP, The Weight of the Globe, to raving reviews.

Lily & Madeleine immediately set to writing and recording their follow-up full-length, but with a strict deadline: Lily returns to high school and Madeleine is off to college as a freshman in the fall. Says music critic Anthony DeCurtis:

“The songs on Lily & Madeleine trigger similar emotional effects. The shimmering recollections of that summer, that girl, that kiss, the scent of that evening air, the heat of those afternoons, all float in and out of consciousness as these songs play, transporting you to the world inside you that knows everywhere you have been, but that does not know time, or its passage, or its end.”

The new album comes out October 29th.


Family Night

We’ll be leaving soon to go to the local fireworks display. It’s a few hours away but if you go too late, you’ll never find a parking place. Growing up, this was one of my favorite things and I still enjoy them today.

I think though, the really fun part is watching the boys. For them there is still the magic and wonder. These will be the things they will remember about their own childhood 4th just as I do. This is one of the things which I dislike about growing up… the loss of the magic and wonder which could be found in the small things and the big. In the memories of special days and events which somehow become tarnished… everyday and normal as I have gotten older.

If you listen to the experts, this is called gaining maturity, being realistic, becoming an adult and are lauded as a good thing. I disagree… I think we need those doses of fairy dust, the occasional wisp of magic no matter how old we become. In loosing these, it seems we loose a part of ourselves along the way. We become caught up in the day to day struggles, the stress and worry, the ever growing fog of despair and desperation in which we so often loose our way.

That is what is special about days like this. To be a child again, even for a little while. To be lost in the moment, filled with wonder… To watch as magic unfolds before your eyes.

My Current Playlist

I was recently asked about the music I am listening to now, (I suppose as compared to what I liked, before.) I have, at different times, listed whatever I was listening to at the time, mostly based on things such as my mood or what I was writing at the time, but I haven’t done a recent play list, so here it is… what I have currently playing on my iPod:

Red Head Girl by Air

Fallout by Alyssa Suede

Baby by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Within the Depths of A Dark Forest by Autumn’s Grey Solace

Change by Churchill

At Home by Crystal Fighters

A Silent Film by Danny, Dakota, & The Wishing Well

Last Goodbye by Denny White

Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou (cover)

Bittersweet by Elenowen

Boy by Emma Louise

Don’t Be Afraid by Green River Ordinance

Cameron by Jillette Johnson

The Eternal Return by Kevin Wood