‘Stonewall’ Tanks At The Box Office | /Bent

‘Stonewall’ Tanks At The Box Office | /Bent:

“Not that we expected otherwise, but anyone fearful the fairly substantial attention Roland Emmerich’s ‘Stonewall’ has been getting for being so bad would result in some sort of a ‘we need to see how awful it is’ box office boost can exhale: The movie tanked.”

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Legendary Voice-Over Artist Hal Douglas Dies At 89

Hal Douglas


The family of renowned voice-over artist Hal Douglas has announced that he died at his home in northern Virginia on March 7, due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

Though many may not have known his name, they likely knew his voice. Douglas was known as one of the best voice-over talents in the industry, along with Don Morrow, 87, who voiced the “Titanic” trailer, and Don LaFontaine, who died in 2008.

It was Douglas’ dramatic baritone behind trailers for films such as “Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump,” “Meet the Parents,” “lethal weapon” and many more.

Douglas is survived by his wife, Ruth Francis Douglas, their daughter, Sarah, and two sons from a previous marriage, Jeremy and Jon. Douglas died at his home in Lovettsville.

A Project Worth Backing – Pink Moon

“Pink Moon” by Sal Bardo

‘Two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy in a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden.’

Pink Moon

You can learn more about the film, hear the creator, and learn how to contribute on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/355574023/pink-moon


You can also find it on Facebook, on Twitter

Sal Bardo’s Website: http://www.salbardo.com/bio.php

You can also read more on the Huffington Post.

Beautiful Darling (2009)



I watched a movie I didn’t know existed until a few days ago, about a woman I knew nothing about. Now I sit here with tears in my eyes and a sadness in my heart because hers was a life too short.

The movie is ‘Beautiful Darling, The Life and Times of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar’

The title seems a little dry after watching the film, though accurate in it’s way. 

I’ll share with you the storyline as given on IMBD website.

“Candy Darling was a fixture in the New York Off-Broadway scene in the 60s, in Warhol films such as Women in Revolt and Flesh, and became a prominent personality in Warhol’s circles, influencing such noted contemporary artists as Madonna, David Bowie and Lou Reed. This documentary will use a series of interviews, archival footage, and images from Candy’s home in Massapequa, NY. Archival footage includes rare 25 year old interviews conducted by Jeremiah Newton with members of Warhol’s Factory and Tennessee Williams. The film features interviews with colleagues, contemporaries and friends of Candy, including John Waters, Peter Beard, Holly Woodlawn, Bob Colacello, Geraldine Smith, Pat Hackett and Ron Delsener.”


My thoughts…

Watching this, I found myself fascinated by Candy. I wanted to know more about her, who she was, why she was… If I hadn’t know from the description on Netflix that she was Transsexual, I never would have guessed and it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. She was, by her own hand and deed, larger than life. The flame which draws the moth, and like the flame, burned out too soon.

She was part of time which, when looking back, seems so far from us now. A different climate, a different understanding… society has moved on… Yet it really hasn’t. What you see and hear of life in the New York LGBT community of the late 60s, early 70s isn’t so far removed from where we stand at this moment. Maybe laws have changed, maybe people want to believe things are better, yet listen to the words of those interviewed, see their reactions to the memories which lie no so far beneath the surface and you will the same battles we fight today.

I do have to wonder about this film and it’s purpose. If it is to showcase a lost treasure, it does it well. If it is meant to be a cautionary tale, it does leave the proper impression. But if it is meant as a way to honor a unique soul. To spotlight the trials and tribulations of life… well then, I feel it missed the mark just a little.

You get a glimpse, through her journal of the sadness and loneliness which marked her days on the earth. You can just see, almost hidden from view, her desperate need to be accepted and loved for who and what she was.

And you can feel the weight of each passing day in which she did not find what she wanted most.

If your interested, the movie is on Netflix, available to streaming. 

Oblivion: Some Thoughts



I quit being a fan of Mr. Cruise a long time ago, though a decent actor, he was never someone I thought of as a “must see”, certainly not in the same league as Mr. Freeman, Mr. Nicholson, or even one Mr. Carrie, (despite Dumb and Dumber). I did watch the first ‘Mission Impossible’ but none of the sequels and though I make a point of knowing what movies are out, I have somehow managed to completely lose track of the mans career over the years.

Which brings me to this post…

I remember seeing at least one trailer for this movie and thinking it would interesting. As it turned out, I recently had the chance to see it, and by and large, I was correct. It was interesting and I don’t consider the time watching it wasted, unlike “John Carter” which I think I watched more because it was in the same class as a train wreak and I just couldn’t look away…

Funny enough, I had actually forgotten about this 2013 movie until I saw it at the video store, (which I was actually in because they were have a sale on previously viewed movies, but all the good ones were gone), and already being there, decided to see what they had. Browsing the shelves and finding several movies I wanted to see but they were all checked out, I happened across ‘Oblivion’ which the IMBD describes this way:

“A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.” and stars Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, and Andrea Riseborough.

Taken at face value as an Action/Si-Fi movie and overlooking some serious plot issues, it really isn’t a bad movie and it is possible to enjoy it strictly for the entertainment value.

If you are like me, however, and you find yourself going over the movie at a later time, you will have some issues but I suppose such is true of most of what you will find in this Genre.

So, if you want a simple recommendation, then sure, I would say watching this is a decent way to spend a few hours, just don’t forget the popcorn and JuJubes…


If you really want to hear some of my other thoughts about this movie, keep reading. Warning, I’m sure there are spoilers in this next part.


Okay, first off, I have issues with the majority of ‘clone’ story lines where the copy manages to have some or all of the memories of the original person. I know this is a useful plot tactic, but is completely unrealistic and has no basis in fact. A clone may look the same, sound the same, and have the same DNA, but these are just superficial aspects of a person. What truly makes each of us unique, even identical twins, is the culmination of our moment to moment experience. No two individuals will ever be one hundred percent identical, it simply isn’t possible and I feel insulted every time a writer tries to convince me differently. I would love to see someone explore this aspect of cloning for a change instead of being lazy and hanging everything on the theory of ‘cell memory’.

Another problem I have is with the use of advance weaponry, which just given the basic physics of things could never work the way they do in movies. Sure it looks cool and the special effects guys get to spend hours and hours adding in glowing beams and explosions, but come on, a light based weapon isn’t going to fire the equivalent of tracer rounds and after being brow beat with such things as a child watching the original Star Wars Trilogy, I would have hoped someone could have come up with something better.

And now another issue with the Earth of ‘Oblivion”. I’m still trying to understand just how everything, the entire city of New York came to be buried. What’s more, there is so much plant growth you would think more than fifty years had passed since the war. The story goes, with the moon shattered, Earth suffered earthquakes and tidal waves and other natural disasters which lead to the way things look in the movie, but it simply isn’t believable. Seeing miles and miles of destruction, that would be believable. Seeing deep canyons made of the buried, almost intact remains of entire city blocks? Not so much. Though it did make for some nice visuals which I suppose was the whole point… but still.

Then there is the little cabin in the woods…

First off, this place is built nestled in a deep mountain valley complete with  pristine lake. The surrounding woodland is obviously mush older than the stated timeline, and while I understand the whole world upheaval part of the back story, it doesn’t quite explain the Rocky Mountains feel to the scene with the soaring, snow covered peaks rising in the background. 

And then there is one little issue which is never explained, the alien spaceship in orbit is somehow unable to keep tack of where one of the clones goes, and has no way to locate a piece of its own tech? This was something I could over look from the point of the ground station… fly low enough, find natural cover to follow and I could see being able to ‘lose’ them, but not when your talking about a space craft capable of transversing interstellar space and observing from miles above the surface. Again, it may help with the plot, but it’s still annoying.

Despite everything I just complained about, it was a decent enough movie and I didn’t feel cheated for having watched it, I’m just glad I didn’t spend the money to see in the theater.