Music video by The Decemberists performing Once In My Life


I finally found my song…

Sometimes it’s not how much you write or what it’s about, the only thing which matters is having wrote anything at all.

For far too long I have had thoughts and ideas tumbling through my mind only to have them turn to smoke and disappear before reaching my fingers. I have all been searching for a song which reached deep into my heart to give my thoughts a power they have been lacking. An emotion too raw for conscience thought.

I finally found my song…


Origami Airplanes by Songs For Cinema.

With this song playing in the background I wrote the following.


‘All was silent. The stillness both comforting and disturbing. The room was small, just ten feet by ten. The walls a blank white and empty except for a full length mirror which hung opposite the single door. Soft light filled the space seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere at once.’


It isn’t much but it is a beginning.