Reality Check

There was something which brought things into perspective for me today, I had reason to travel to two of the areas which received tornado damage late last year, Pekin and Washington, Ill. Some time has passed and it is easy to put the trauma behind you… until it is staring you in the face again, as stark and raw as the day it happened.

Damaged roofs draped in blue tarps, foundations standing bare, and even empty holes where houses use to be. In Washington I saw a tree wrapped with siding surrounded by shattered timbers and piles of rubble. The damage stretched as far as I could see and looking at it I was amazed there were only three fatalities. 

I’m not making too much of this to say it really puts your life into perspective. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or how much your annual income is; it can all be taken away in a second.

I only looked in from the outside, I simply could not bring myself to see any more of the devastation. It is simply too heartbreaking.

Tornado devastates Washington Illinois 3 1


From Washington, IL


11 17 13 PekinTornado3 038

From Pekin, IL

Winter Weather Advisory

Ok, I know this is a little later than I usually post but we had company until just a little bit ago. Add to this some issues with our 14 year old… Did I mention he’s 14? Umm, yeah…


I was hoping to put together a new workflow for posting here, but I was sidetracked. I suppose I should just take a little time each day to see what I can do. I do have several other blogs I use for experimenting, so I will post any future tests to one of those.

On a different note, today has been pretty much a mess. We had more Winter weather move in leaving us with 4-6 inches of snow which has been followed by sub zero temps and winds gusting up to 30Mph which will push the wind chill to -30 or -40 degrees F.

Because of these conditions, my work shift has been cancelled. The kids are also getting a snow day so they’ll be home all day Monday.

Oh, I had the pleasure of being outside for over an hour clearing our driveway which, odds are, will be drifted in again by morning.

Oh well, at least I’ll be warm and dry tonight. 😛