Another day of doing yard work, this time for our neighbor who has an empty lot next to us which was designed by Satan when his hemorrhoids were flaring up.

Then my youngest had a bad turn when he accidentally spilled water on his keyboard and then the headphones decided to die a painful, squealing death which required a trip to Target for replacements.

Here’s hoping the rest of the night will be quieter!

Rain, rain, go away

We’ve had plenty of rain recently, in fact it’s raining now, which means I spent much of today doing yard work. Sadly, I’m not a spring chicken and mowing a very uneven lot has left me feeling as though I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.

I’m going to get cleaned up and relax, hopefully I won’t wake up too sore to move.


Spoke with my therapist this past Wednesday. Although I had some difficulty explaining what’s been going on, she understood well enough to have a suggestion,

Just try to make it through the week until my next appointment and concentrate on not hitting bottom.

Bad Night

Turned out to be a bad night as my blood sugar bottomed out and left me all kinds of messed up. Thankfully I was able to make it home with help from my partner who took over the driving. I had a PB&J, a banana nut muffin and we are waiting for dinner to be delivered so everything should be back to normal soon.