New Hair and Wind Burn!

Yes, I went out today having bought a new wig yesterday. While I felt great I was also lazy and didn’t put on any make up… it is the weekend after all, but I ended up with a rather red face from wind burn which really stands out in a photograph 😦

Anyway, here is a picture with the new hair do, please try not to be too harsh.

IMG 0771  1

Transgender U.S. Student’s Tuxedo Photo Approved

Transgender U.S. student’s tuxedo photo approved


Jeydon Loredo and attorneys with the Southern Poverty Law Center threatened legal action against La Feria school district if a photo of Loredo in a tuxedo was not allowed in the school’s yearbook.

My Halloween

So where to begin? There is a lot to talk about so I suppose I should simply begin at the beginning…

JT & Kira

I went to Ulta for my makeover with JT. I had a wonderful time and all the employees were wonderful and JT is a real master.

Then it was home to get the boys…


Unfortunately it’s been raining here for two days, though we did get a few breaks in the weather.

We went to a local strip mall to do some trick or treating because our usual place had postponed trick or treating until the weekend because of the weather.

Then it was over to Bass Pro. They were passing out treats and it was indoors. As it happened, the temps had started to drop and it was getting pretty miserable.

I didn’t know it but they had two of the OCC choppers in the store and we could get our picture taken with one…


It was pretty neat 🙂

The fun part was I was out and about and no one said a word or gave me a second look. Of course it was dark, raining, and Halloween so I shouldn’t take this as a pass. Things might be different on a Monday afternoon at the grocery store… Still, it was wonderful evening and I felt wonderful.

New Site…


As I just realized, I made a silly mistake back when I first created this blog.

Simply put, I misspelled the web address, using two R’s instead of two O’s in Morre… er, make that Moore.

This caused WordPress to say that my blog didn’t exist. You could get here through the error page but it was confusing, so I now made a new blog with the same name but the correct web address:

I am going to transfer all my content over to the new site, but it’s going to take a little time.

I will double post until I get everything moved and then I will take this one off line.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to tease me for this!

Thank you all,


Oops, forgot to add the link… kiramoorescloset